Refine Community Ideas

The ideas generated by the activity of Create in the community need to be refined, so that we can proceed to turn them into beneficial activity.

Some ideas will fit into the Create vision. These are added to a backlog and then an experiment run to confirm they are viable. Other ideas will be steered towards other appropriate organisations.

Sources of Community Ideas

Ideas come to Create from a variety of sources, in a variety of ways. This includes (but is not limited to) the following sources:

  • An individual contacts Create because they have a particular talent they would like to use/teach
  • An individual contacts Create because they have an idea for an activity they would like to take part in
  • An organisation approaches Create to run an idea in the community
  • A workstream Champion identifies an opportunity when talking to local people
  • A workstream Champion identifies an opportunity when networking
  • New ideas emerge out of existing activities, particularly through events like Review
  • The Create team identify solutions to known problems
  • Ideas comes out of structured idea-gathering workshops and activities
  • etc…

Rejection of Ideas

We only reject ideas if they are not consistent with our values, which, in practice, is very rare. If an idea does not fit into one of our workstreams then we will try to steer it to another organisation.

We do not pursue ideas that we consider to be:

  • ‘Snake oil‘ – Selling something that exploits the buyer (even if the buyer doesn’t mind), such as psychics, reiki, homeopathy, pyramid schemes, et al.
  • Political Indoctrination – Promoting a particular political line, eg campaigning for a specific political party. (However, we encourage political engagement and discussion.)
  • Discrimination – Promoting a particular worldview without the opportunity for debate and/or excluding individuals on that basis, eg meetings that exclude people of differing gender, sexuality, religion/belief, race or ability. (However, we encourage open discussion of big questions.)
  • Abuse – Ideas that negatively impact the health of other people, directly or indirectly, eg substance abuse, pornography, et al

Refining Process

The refining process is the responsibility of the workstream Champion/s. The process is informal, but the structure is:

  1. Initial refinement
  2. Allocation to a workstream backlog
  3. When someone is available to pursue the idea, it moves to the Experiment stage
1. Initial Refinement

Initially the workstream Champion works with the originator of the idea to see whether Create will take it on. Some initial research and even mini-experiments may be done by the Champion and/or the idea’s originator.

The key question is does it fit into the objectives of one of the four workstreams, ie Community, Entrepreneurs, Employment Opportunities or Business Regeneration.

2. Allocation to a Backlog

An ‘accepted’ idea will be added to the appropriate Badklog. It will then either:

  • Be turned into an Experiment immediately
  • Wait for someone to pick it up and action
  • Be further refined, so that it is ready for Experiment (eg further market research)
3. Move to Experiment

When the Champion is happy that the idea is ready to be turned into action, they will arrange to complete the Experiment questionnaire with the person/people who will take the idea forward, and with any other relevant people.