Current Vacancies

Employment Opportunities Champion

Create on the Square is looking for a volunteer with a passion for people development to oversee projects to enable employment opportunities


Create on the Square Background

Create on the Square emerged out of the desire of local Cheltenham West residents to fire up positive change in our community. In 2016, we converted a formerly disused retail unit on Coronation Square into a coworking-friendly Tea Bar, as a base for encouraging creative enterprise in the area.

We are committed to providing opportunities for people to develop work skills and experience, including:

  • Tea Bar Team - volunteer work experience in the Create Tea Bar
  • Internships - volunteer work placements on Create projects

Create on the Square is managed by Cheltenham Coworking CIC, a not-for-profit social enterprise. There are currently 2 unpaid directors and 1 further director, who is employed full-time as the Create team coach. There is 1 other full-time employee and approximately 20 part-time volunteers.

Employment Opportunities Champion Profile

Our foundational belief is that each person has unique talents to contribute to society, and for many people this will be through paid employment. The employment opportunities champion will act as a catalyst to create new opportunities for employment in Cheltenham West, through Create on the Square and other local organisations.

Key Responsibilities

  • Engage with local jobseekers to identify their needs & potential
  • Engage with the Job Centre, University of Gloucs and other organisations involved in creating employment opportunities
  • Collate and prioritise a backlog of ideas to meet the needs, and encourage the potential, of local jobseekers
  • Motivate and guide people to execute projects that implement backlog ideas
  • Ensure the Create projects are sustainable, through guiding self-funding activities and sourcing funding streams
  • Collect and analyse metrics on how well projects are runing and report on these to Pivot or Persevere meetings (every 4mths)
  • Coordinate with the Create team (including those working on other projects), team coach and directors
  • Ensure Create projects are aligned with the Create vision and values, through influencing and guiding project activity

Required Attributes

  • Able to motivate and envision others
  • Self-starter who enjoys running their own schedule
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to identify potential in people and situations

Desirable Attributes

  • Experience of people development, eg working in hR
  • Knowledge of training & employment opportunities in Gloucs


  • Free tea/coffee and discount on other products at the Tea Bar


To suit, but we envisage at least 1 day per week


Variable, but dropping into Create on the Square regularly will be helpful


Unpaid, but reasonable expenses will be covered, eg to travel to events

To apply for the role or for more details, please contact Pete George