Current Projects

Community Workstream

The Community Workstream includes projects that are aimed at enabling local people to work together to improve their community without the need for external help.

If Create on the Square helps to create an environment where local people can develop their skills to the full, we believe those people will be able to build a supportive, resilient and self-reliant community in Cheltenham West, without the need for external help.

Community Bank

Recruit a ‘steering group’ of local people and raise funds for a proof of concept community bank

Key Metrics

  • Steering group >30 people created
  • Raise enough funds to run poc (est £100k)


CAT Support

Community Activity Team Support is a programme of training and coaching for local volunteers (in CAT), to enable them to use their talents to run projects that benefit their community

Key Metrics

  • At least 1 weekly meeting is organised by the Team themselves
  • All team completed all training – first aid, Belbin, safe-guarding


Bee SEWcial

Is a social group for people to develop talents and relationships as they craft together at Create Tea Bar

Key Metrics

  • Tea Bar sa


workshop leaders

Entrepreneurs Workstream

The Entrepreneurs workstream includes projects that are aimed at encouraging local Entrepreneurs to start and grow new businesses.

If Create on the Square helps to create an environment where local Entrepreneurs can thrive, we believe they will use their skills and drive to start new businesses, which will boost their income, benefiting society and Create.

Pop-up Shops

Create on the Square offers a space for Entrepreneurs to display their products.

Key Metrics

  • Sales for each shop increase
  • 100% of shops filled by vendors


Create MyShrooms

Mushroom growing kits sold direct to Create/CSG supporters

Key Metrics

All kits are sold that are made


Employment Opportunities

The Employment Opportunities workstream includes projects that are aimed at enabling local people to develop work skills and employment

If Create on the Square provides employment opportunities, we believe local people will use their talents to grow Create on the Square, and, in the process, will develop skills and experience to enable them to gain long-term employment appropriate to their potential.

Currently there are no explicit employability projects, but there are a number of work opportunities on other projects, eg Escape Rooms staff

Business Regeneration

The Business Regeneration Workstream includes projects to encourage local businesses to thrive and prosper.

If Create on the Square helps local businesses to thrive, we believe it will bring greater prosperity to the Cheltenham West area, and Coronation Square in particular, which will benefit the local economy, including Create on the Square.

Escape Rooms Cheltenham

Escape Rooms Cheltenham is a fun escape room entertainment, which aims to draw more people to Coronation Square, for the benefit of the businesses there.

Key Metrics

  • Escape room bookings increase to 40 per month
  • Loyalty card stamps increased