The Community Workstream includes projects that are aimed at enabling local people to work together to improve their community without the need for external help.

Our Leap of Faith Assumption is that if Create on the Square helps to create an environment where local people can develop their skills to the full, those people will be able to build a supportive, resilient and self-reliant community in Cheltenham West, without the need for external help.

Lizzie George

Lizzie is the Community Champion
Pop into Create to chat to her, or mail:

Current Projects

CAT Support

The Community Activity Team Support project is a programme of training and coaching for local volunteers (in CAT), to enable them to use their talents to run projects that benefit their community


If Create on the Square supports the CATs:

  1. The CATs will use their skills to run projects that help transform the local community
  2. Create will receive income for venue hire and training services


Weekly planning/training session for CATs in CWest + additional training sessions

Team building training session

Key Metrics

  • No of weekly meetings organised by Team – Target = 1pw
  • New CATs added – Target = 2 per period

Bee SEWcial

workshop leaders

Value Proposition

Is a social group for people to develop talents and relationships as they craft together at Create Tea Bar


If Create on the Square hosts Bee Sewcial:

  1. The participants will develop relationships and skills together
  2. Create will receive income from Tea Bar sales

Key Metrics

  • Tea Bar sales