Champion Local Assets

Our starting point is that there is great potential in our community, predominantly in the talents of local people, and we want to Champion those assets to turn that potential into positive action.

Identifying Assets

Identifying assets is an ongoing activity that can happen spontaneously through informal encounters, or through activities specifically designed to generate these ideas, such as the Pitch for Possibility competition.

Our starting point is that each person has a unique contribution to make to the world and if we help local people develop their talents, it will benefit our community, and society generally.

In addition to people, there are also venues, organisations and other features in our community that could be exploited. Championing these things is also important.


To make our efforts more manageable, we have created four ‘workstreams’ related to our four guiding objectives:

  • Community – Encouraging local people to work together to improve their community without the need for external help
  • Entrepreneurs – Encouraging local Entrepreneurs to start and grow new businesses
  • Employment Opportunities – Encouraging local people to develop work skills and employment
  • Business Regeneration – Encouraging local businesses to thrive and prosper

Workstreams are not business units. There is no ‘workstream manager’ or dedicated personnel. People may often work across workstreams. They are merely useful for grouping related activities, for clarity.

Workstream Champions

Each workstream has an associated Champion. The Champion takes the lead in acting as a catalyst for each particular workstream.

The Champion is not a manager. The role is about inspiring and enabling others to exploit opportunities. It is also about providing focus and ensuring the opportunities are aligned with the Create vision.

Champion Key Activities
  • Actively engage with their respective ‘customer’, ie
    • Community – local people in Cheltenham West
    • Entrepreneurs – potential entrepreneurs and startups
    • Employment Opportunities – local unemployed
    • Business Regeneration – local business leaders
  • Network with other relevant organisations and groups
    • Community – eg community & social organisations, councillors, schools, charities
    • Entrepreneurs – eg Growth Hub et al, funders, networking groups, UoGloucs
    • Employment Opportunities – eg Job Centre, GEM, charities, Barnwood Trust
    • Business Regeneration – eg business networking groups, CBC
  • Collate a ‘backlog’ list of ideas to benefit Cheltenham West
  • Work with people to refine the ideas and define suitable experiment projects to test the ideas are viable, sustainable and beneficial
  • Collate and analyse metrics on the experiments and report on these to Pivot or Persevere meetings (every 4mths)
  • Coordinate with the Create team, Team Coach and directors, including contributing to the monthly Review event
  • Ensure Create projects are aligned with the Create vision and values, through influencing and guiding project activity
Champion Profie

The Workstream Champion role is a voluntary role, and we do not expect that to change. We do encourage Champions to look for ways to create a personal income from Create activities, if that is desired. We are always keen to look for win-win opportunities.

The key attributes for the Champion are:

  • Enthusiastic self-starter
  • Ability to network with a range of people
  • Passionate about the impact of their particular workstream
  • Good listener