Business Regeneration

The Business Regeneration Workstream includes projects to encourage local businesses to thrive and prosper.

Our Leap of Faith Assumption is that if Create on the Square helps local businesses to thrive, it will bring greater prosperity to the Cheltenham West area, and Coronation Square in particular, which will benefit the local economy, including Create on the Square.

Megan Prendergast

Megan is the
Business Regeneration Champion
Pop into Create to chat to her, or mail:

Current Projects

Escape Rooms Cheltenham

Value Proposition

Escape Rooms Cheltenham is a fun escape room entertainment, which aims to draw more people to Coronation Square, for the benefit of the businesses there


If Create on the Square runs Escape Rooms Cheltenham:

  1. More and new groups of people will come to the Square for the Escape Room on a regular basis, increasing footfall to the shops
  2. Create will receive income from the escape room payment and through increase in trade in the Tea Bar


Escape room theme changing every two months

Key Metrics

  • Escape Room bookings – Target = regular bookings of at least 20 per month
  • Conversion rate on website, visits to bookings
  • No of teams rebooking each month
  • Tea Bar/Pop-up Shops sales