Business Placements


Supported by the Create team, you spearhead a project for a 2-12mth period (part or full-time), to benefit our community.

What can you do?

The placements are flexible. We particularly like to encourage projects that fit with your interests/career path, so if you have your own ideas, let us know and we can discuss them. We also have a wide range of ideas ourselves. The only criterium is that the project benefits our local community. Get in touch to discuss the options.

Benefit to You

Develop skills and experience in areas such as:

  • project management
  • lean startup principles
  • sales and marketing
  • product development
  • events management
  • business development

Benefit to Community

  1. Short term benefit of the project
  2. If successful, could turn into a long term initiative with long term benefit
  3. Generate income for Create on the Square
  4. Inspire local people to pursue their ideas

Previous Placements

To give you some ideas, here are a few examples of projects run on past placements.

Megan Prendergast

Business Development

Meg initially joined Create on a 6mth part-time placement with the University of Gloucester. She was involved in a variety of Create activities, helping to encourage new businesses.

Meg went on to pioneer our Escape Rooms project, creating escape room challenges, which draw plenty of people to Coronation Square.

Escape Rooms Cheltenham has subsequently turned into a separate business, which Meg now manages full-time.

Ben George

Project Management

Ben completed a six month full-time placement with Create as part of a gap year before going to University in Brighton to study Business Computing.

Ben took part in many activities, but his main focus was to manage and successfully deliver the Pitch for Possibility competition in 2018. The competition is for local people to pitch ideas to benefit Cheltenham West, with the winners receiving money and support to make their ideas a possibility.

Amy Ellis

Product Development

Amy completed a four month part-time placement with the University of Gloucester. As a product design student, she used her knowledge and skills to develop the Create MyShrooms mushroom growing kits.

In four months, Amy explored the idea of growing mushrooms on coffee grinds and developed and sold the kits.

Maitane Mendieta

Marketing and Web Development

Maitane, from Spain, spent two months with us, improving her English and using her business management skills to promote the Cheltenham West community.

She also learned new skills in web development in order to create web content, also to promote Cheltenham West, in addition to sharing her Spanish cooking skills with the team!