Business Interns

Business Internships

Create on the Square has benefited from the input of interns from Gloucestershire University, Inlingua Cheltenham and other sources. The internships are unpaid, but provide the opportunity to develop new skills in a contemporary business environment, and, in particular, allow the interns to pioneer new projects.

Previous interns have developed: a pop-up shop project to encourage new start-up businesses; a community newsletter; a community noticeboard website; and a "coworking passport" membership scheme for home-based workers. The internships are supervised by Create staff, but typically allow the interns a great deal of freedom to contribute their own ideas.

In addition, we are always keen to explore new ideas, so if you have your own project you would like to pursue, let us know and we will consider it for an internship.

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Internship Benefits
  • Opportunity to develop skills in a business startup environment
  • Contribute to socially beneficial business
  • No previous experience necessary (on-the-job instruction will be given)
  • Friendly, non-pressured work environment
  • Flexible working hours (NB: regularly working onsite at Create is usually required)
  • Accessible for disabled people
  • Free tea/coffee/squash and toast while working
  • Any Lunch Special for £1
  • Opportunity to hire Create out of hours
  • Access to workshops and events at Create
  • Training opportunities where appropriate

Meet Meg

Meg joined us for a 6mth Business Internship and is now our Business Developer for Cheltenham Coworking

New Projects

We have a variety of self-contained new projects that we would like interns to explore with us. These would particularly suit interns who are looking for experience in areas such as business development, project management, marketing, and event management.

These projects would require a minimum commitment of one day per week for 3-6mths. A longer-term commitment is possible for suitable candidates.

Typical Tasks

  • Develop a strategy for the project
  • Plan and deliver project
  • Develop a minimum viable product (an early version of the product to gauge interest)
  • Develop a marketing strategy to promote the project
  • Explore options to make project sustainable in the long-term
  • Liaise with Create Team, supporters and other stakeholders as necessary

Potential Projects

  1. Incu-box: A mobile catering unit in a converted horsebox for hire to startup catering businesses, to test their products on real customers.
  2. Square Meals: Delivering takeaway food to local residents from Coronation Square shops
  3. Container Escape: An escape room in a storage container/s
  4. Urban Forest School: A forest school in an urban environment
  5. Tournament Paintball: 5-a-side paintball tournament location
  6. Create Youth Hangout: A casual weekly youth 'club' for non-clubby youths, at Create on the Square
  7. Cheltenham Social Enterprise Festival: A festival to encourage and inspire socially beneficial business in Cheltenham
  8. Cheltenham West Community App: An app for Cheltenham West residents to share local information
Infrastructure Projects

We have the following roles to support the work at Create on the Square. They would suit interns looking to develop skills in these particular areas.

Social Media/Marketing Support

We currently manage over 20 different social media outlets, in addition to traditional marketing outlets. We are keen to recruit a creative and/or tech-savy individual who would like to learn new skills or extend existing knowledge in a real work environment.

IT Support

We support a range of hardware and software and are looking for an intern who would like to develop expertise in either area. We have a selection of laptops for coworkers and our weekly kids' Code Club, which also includes micro-bits and Raspberry Pi. We support four websites, a large number of email accounts and various software tools. There could also be software development opportunities for an intern with an interest in that area.


We would like to produce teaching and promotional video/cartoon animations to help communicate different aspects of our mission. If you have skills in this area, this will give you the opportunity to promote them to a wider audience. If you have no prior knowledge, but would like to explore this, we are more than happy to help you try it out.


We are looking for an enthusiastic individual with an outgoing personality, who would like to engage with local businesses in the Cheltenham West area, in order to sell advertising space to them on our community newsletter and website. This is more of a creative, networking role than a 'salesman'. Our aim is to help local businesses grow, by helping them reach more customers, and, at the same time, to develop a sustainable income for our projects.