Create on the Square - Encouraging creative enterprise in cheltenham west


Take one disused retail unit

In 2016, we converted a shop on Coronation Square in Cheltenham into a coworking-friendly space


Transform it

Create on the Square runs as a Tea Bar, encouraging all to drop by to work and socialise with others


Into a creative hub

Bringing people together to pursue their creative interests in business, the arts and anything else


To transform Cheltenham West

We hope to inspire and enable local people to make a positive impact on Cheltenham West

What is Create on the Square? Here's a quick overview of our vision and what we're up to

The video below was made in early 2016, before we opened Create on the Square. Some of it is a bit out of date, but it conveys our original vision, which is fast becoming a reality

What's Been Happening Lately?

Hola from Maitane, Creator of

We love working with people from different backgrounds at Create on the Square and, in particular, have greatly benefited from our language student interns. This summer, we were really fortunate […]

How Teams Work

This workshop explored the classic stages of team development, identified by sociologist Bruce Tuckman: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning. We discussed each stage, illustrated with a few example exercises, and […]

Collaborative Management with Trello

Wednesday Workshop at Create on the Square this week looked at Collaborative Management Collaborative management styles (rather than a traditional ‘command-and-control’ approach) are at the heart of many hugely successful […]